The LOUISIANA PIPELINERS ASSOCIATION is a non-political and non-profit corporation (Tax ID # 72-1330809 click here for a W9) formed in 1996 for the purpose of promoting all aspects of the pipeline industry in Louisiana. Regular dinner meetings at different locations around the state are planned for the presentation and discussion of appropriate material for the general betterment of the members of the association.

As a means to provide a civic service, the Association has established a Scholarship Fund to award grants to eligible college students. This is funded by Golf Tournaments, Clay Shoots, Gumbo Cookoff and Fishing Rodeo.  Your participation is welcomed and appreciated. Please advise any of your colleagues of this great networking opportunity. If you would like additional information please contact the committee chairperson or member at any time with questions or requests for additional information, to make a donation or to get involved.

Board Members
Tim Dronet - Retired - Past President
Nicky Smith, Retired
Forrest Schopp, Retired
Jeremy Smith, Energy Transfer
Stewart Speyrer , Enbridge
Nicole Leveridge, Kinetica Partners
Shelley Piehet, Shell Pipeline

2024 Officers
President:  Blake Bergeron, Baywater Pipeline
Treasurer:  John Mire, Jr., Power Performance
Secretary:  Scott Schexnayder - T Baker Smith
Marketing:  Shane Crochet, Integrity Specialists

Louisiana Pipeliners Association Committees
All committee chair appointments shall be made by the President. President and Vice President shall be ex-officio members of all standing/open committees.
MembershipChairman Monique Roberts, Tim Dronet, Melissa Boudreaux
Marketing & Social Media - Chairman Melissa Boudreaux, Monique Roberts
Fundraising & Hospitality - Chairman Nicole Leveridge, Tim Perrin, Paul Domingue, Mark Cutrera
Events - Chairman Shane Crochet
Golf Tournament - Chairman Benny Black, Shawn Guidry, Bob Crooks, Forrest Schopp, Ray Avet, Scott Schexnayder
Clay ShootChairman Blake Bergeron, Scott Schexnayder, 
Fishing Rodeo - Co Chairman Dawn Brown & Lee Womack, Ricky Adams, Clay Bercegeay, Lee Boudreaux
Gumbo Cook Off - Chairman Liz Guidry, Sabrina Watson, Greg Longman, Connie Smith, Nadya James, Scott Schexnayder, Shelley Piehet
Dinner Meetings -
Chairman Scott Schexnayder, Thell Gillis, Jeremy Smith, Blake Bergeron