If you and your candidate meet the below mentioned criteria you must submit your request for nomination, including candidate name and relationship, by March 31.


Once membership and eligibility are confirmed, then you will be notified via email with a link to the scholarship application.

Scholarship applicants must be nominated by an Association Member in good standing. A member in good standing for scholarship purposes:

A) Shall have paid dues for a minimum of three (3) consecutive calendar years, which includes the current year of nomination.
B) Shall have attended a minimum of four (4) meetings, during the calendar year preceding the nomination; evidenced by signature and attendance records. Fundraisers such as golf tournaments and clay shoots count only as extra attendances, not to replace a meeting—rosters must be signed to receive credit.

Scholarship award program is intended for the nominees of members in good standing. First-year students are not eligible to apply. The scholarship applicant shall attend an accredited college or university. No restriction will be placed on the applicant’s degree program.

Applications will be accepted for a maximum of:

Four (4) cycles for eligible undergraduates
Two (2) cycles for eligible postgraduates

Scholarship evaluation criteria will include the applicant’s scholarship record; grades, financial support need, and outside activities; such as social, church, service organizations, societies, sports and so forth. Also considered is the level of participation (attendance, volunteering, etc.) of the nominating member.

Applications are accepted, reviewed and evaluated in the spring of each year for presentation to the Board of Directors at their next meeting. The scholarships awarded will be effective for the scholarship year commencing the following fall semester.

To comply, the applicant must show that he or she will be classified as a second-year, full-time student by the date the scholarship becomes effective.